May 2023

Sermon | Living With Us

Jesus continues to live amongst his followers as they live in community together and receive the Holy Spirit

Sermon | Building With Us

Together, under the rule of King Jesus, we are the temple of God; built up to announce God’s very real presence.

April 2023

Sermon | Watching Over Us

Living Hope

Sermon | Hope Lives

While it can be comforting to remember where we encountered Jesus in the past, our hope is in a king who is alive today and working on creating a holy future.

Sermon |Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

March 2023

Sermon | If You Had Been Here

The scripture we read today is a reminder that God shows up. In God’s own timing that we don’t always like or appreciate, but God does show up. And when God shows up there is resurrection and life that can only come through the presence of God with us.