March 2022

Sermon | Shame, Repentance, Generous Love

Being loved by a generous God should lead us to be generous to others in response.

Sermon | Prayer as Noticing

Prayer is a critical element in the life of a Christian because it allows us to pay attention to the things God is doing and choose to participate in that work as well.

March 2021

Sermon | 5th Week of Lent

Pastor Will shares a message exploring the Cross of Christ as an alternative way of life. 

Sermon | 3rd Week of Lent

Pastor Will shares a message on Holiness being contagious.  Mark 5:1-20

February 2021

Sermon | Fasting and Feasting During Lent

Pastor Will invites us to fast and feast as we begin Lent this year. 

December 2020

Sermon | Welcome Peace

Week Two of our Advent Series: Welcome to Christmas