January 2023

Sermon | You

You as a follow of Christ cannot thrive without the church and the church cannot thrive without you using your gift.

December 2022

Sermon | What Are We Waiting For?

The people who are tired of walking in darkness can experience the light of Jesus.  Not only is Jesus a light we can see in the darkness, but Jesus is the light by which everything else is visible.  

Sermon |Anticipate Christ

God is revealed in the humble and ordinary

Sermon | Isaiah 35:1-10

What are we waiting for?  New Creation- It is coming, but it is already here!

Sermon | The Righteous King

Following worldly leaders may appear to solve the problems that we are most concerned about, but only a Righteous King with perception beyond present circumstances can heal/save the world

November 2022

Sermon | Shalom

Peace is Shalom.  Shalom is more than the absence of conflict, but is a condition of goodness that is life-giving.