April 2023

Sermon |Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

March 2023

Sermon | If You Had Been Here

The scripture we read today is a reminder that God shows up. In God’s own timing that we don’t always like or appreciate, but God does show up. And when God shows up there is resurrection and life that can only come through the presence of God with us.

Sermon | What Caused the Blindness?

Pastor Hanna shared a message based on the story of people who, because God didn’t follow their religious rules, couldn’t see that it was God who had healed a blind man. They assumed the man was blind because of sin, yet missed how their lack of empathy with the blind man caused them to be […]

Sermon | A Proposal

Pastor Will shares a message for the 3rd week of Lent

Sermon | Wait, Wait, What?

We mature in our faith realizing that to be a follower of Jesus we must not merely speak his words, but we must also live as he lived.

February 2023

Sermon | Fasting

Jesus shows us that we do not have to give into misaligned appetites, we can in fact live hungering after, and subsequently satisfied in God by feasting on the Word of God.