May 2023

Sermon | Living With Us

Jesus continues to live amongst his followers as they live in community together and receive the Holy Spirit

April 2023

Sermon |Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

March 2023

Sermon | Wait, Wait, What?

We mature in our faith realizing that to be a follower of Jesus we must not merely speak his words, but we must also live as he lived.

January 2023

Sermon | You

You as a follow of Christ cannot thrive without the church and the church cannot thrive without you using your gift.

November 2022

Sermon | Shalom

Peace is Shalom.  Shalom is more than the absence of conflict, but is a condition of goodness that is life-giving.

December 2021

Sermon | Joy

The joy of the Lord comes when we take what we do have and give it away freely.