March 2023

Sermon | Wait, Wait, What?

We mature in our faith realizing that to be a follower of Jesus we must not merely speak his words, but we must also live as he lived.

January 2023

Sermon | You

You as a follow of Christ cannot thrive without the church and the church cannot thrive without you using your gift.

November 2022

Sermon | Shalom

Peace is Shalom.  Shalom is more than the absence of conflict, but is a condition of goodness that is life-giving.

December 2021

Sermon | Joy

The joy of the Lord comes when we take what we do have and give it away freely.

November 2021

Sermon | Where a Little Is Everything

Where a Little is Everything

October 2021

Sermon | Where The Blind Can See

Jesus doesn’t just listen to the prayers of his followers. Jesus listens to and hears the cries of those that are desperate for him. And Jesus desires to wipe away all of those tears and heal all of those broken pieces.