May 2023

Sermon | Building With Us

Together, under the rule of King Jesus, we are the temple of God; built up to announce God’s very real presence.

April 2023

Sermon | Watching Over Us

Living Hope

Sermon | Hope Lives

While it can be comforting to remember where we encountered Jesus in the past, our hope is in a king who is alive today and working on creating a holy future.

February 2023

Sermon | The Transfigured Jesus

There is a huge difference between a life shaped by seeking to get things from God and a life shaped by seeking to know God.

Sermon | God Makes it Grow

The purpose of the church is to plant and water seeds that God grows into mature, Christ-like people and communities

Sermon | The Mind of Christ

Jesus viewed those around him as people who needed saving and healing then calls his followers to do the same