November 2021

Sermon | Where Christ is King

If we are not deliberate about our decision we will end up following all kinds of other kings

Sermon | Where the End is the Beginning

Worldly kingdoms come and go, but the kingdom of God is the one that is eternal

Sermon | Where a Little Is Everything

Where a Little is Everything

October 2021

Sermon | Where Death Cannot Separate Us

When Jesus calls us to new life, he calls us to never-ending life in the family of God

Sermon | Where The Blind Can See

Jesus doesn’t just listen to the prayers of his followers. Jesus listens to and hears the cries of those that are desperate for him. And Jesus desires to wipe away all of those tears and heal all of those broken pieces.

Sermon | Where the Least are the Greatest

Serving others is a required element of a disciple’s life and helps us live better as citizens of God’s kingdom and not the kingdoms of the world.