February 2021

Sermon | What is God Like?

In our final Sunday of the Seeing Jesus : Seeing God series, we see the glory of God present in Jesus.  But not everyone who ever met Jesus witnessed this event.  Only those who stayed closest to  Jesus.  

Sermon | Who Seeks Jesus

Pastor Tabitha shares a message that reminds us that everyone is seeking Jesus, even if they don’t know that it is Jesus they are seeking.  

January 2021

Sermon | What Does God Say?

If we believe Jesus is who he says he is, we should know what Jesus taught and commit to following that teaching.  

Sermon | What Does God Want Me to Be?

This week we ask what God wants us to be?  And we answer that question by saying that God wants us to be like Jesus.  

Sermon | Where is God From?


Sermon | Where is God?

On this 1st Sunday after Epiphany, we look to the story of John Baptizing Jesus in the wilderness to see what we can learn about God.