July 2021

Sermon | Be Bold

A faith that stays in Jerusalem and that doesn’t confront kingdoms of the worlds is a faith that refuses to declare the good news that all nations and all people are invited to surrender their independence and power and then pledge their allegiance to Jesus Christ and Christ alone.

Sermon | Be Radical

It wasn’t a set of religious beliefs that Got the Early church in trouble. It was their way of life that was so radically different than the world around it that caused them trouble.

Sermon | Be Set Apart

Being set apart does not mean being isolated, or alone. Nor does it mean you get to choose your own adventure, be the hero of a story that you dictate, that you control. 

June 2021

Sermon | Be Open

Be Open so you can hear God again calling you to take your next step.  

Sermon | Be The Change

We will change the world, not by forcing it to be what we want it to be, but by living the way Jesus taught us and enduring the suffering that comes with it. 

Sermon | Be A Witness

Battle Creek First Church has been a witness for Jesus during all kinds of seasons, and will continue to be a witness that declares Jesus is King with our actions and words.