August 2022

Sermon | Remember

By remembering the grace that God has given to you, you are then freed/called to extend grace to others.

July 2022

Sermon | Trust

Trusting in God takes the focus off ourselves and frees us to focus on God and on others

Sermon | Corners of Your Field

The kingdom of God is revealed in everyday activities like working in a field or picking grapes from a vine.  

Sermon | Meals as Mission

The mission of the church is to invite the world to God’s Great Banquet.

June 2022

Sermon | Meals as Grace

Jesus showed up handing out invitations to God’s party, and they said, “come as you are.” Nothing that you are, or that you have done, merits this invitation which means that nothing that you are or have done can revoke this invitation.

Sermon | Eating and Drinking

The kingdom of God is one that is not established through power and defeating one’s enemy, but through the love of neighbor as lived out through a shared meal