February 2022

Sermon | Living Like Jesus

Jesus doesn’t tell us how to live so that we can follow him; he is teaching us how we get to live if we choose to follow him

Sermon | Filled and Emptied

There are things the way they are now in the kingdom of this world and things the way that they will be in God’s kingdom.  We have to choose which kingdom we put our hope in.

Sermon | Fishing for People

Jesus invites us to live in such a way that others are introduced to Jesus as well.

January 2022

Sermon | We Know You

If those around you do not understand what God is doing in you and through you, be encouraged, because Jesus is with you.   We’d love for you to join us on Sunday mornings online or in person at Battle Creek First Church to hear more about how Jesus is at work in your life.

Sermon | Filled to Fulfill

The Spirit’s Presence is always an indication that one has been called and prepared for a mission

Sermon | You Dont Have Enough Wine

Jesus’s mission isn’t to give us what we want. Jesus’s mission is to provide what we need in order to live the way he teaches us to