September 2022

Sermon | Be Content

There is a connection between our trusting God, our being content, and our ability to love others.

Sermon | Seekers

God not only seeks us out in our “lost-ness” but equips and commissions us to become people that seek others

Sermon | Potter and Clay

Being a disciple is not adding Jesus to your life, but letting Jesus shape who you are and what you do so much that you are given a new life

August 2022

Sermon | Seats of Honor

Our value and identity is not based upon the work we do, nor should it be how we place value or identify others.

Sermon | Rest

God has ordained rest as a priority in the kingdom. And it’s not that we rest as a tool to work; work is accomplished so you may rest

Sermon | Welcome

God’s people have been chosen to bring peace, grace, forgiveness, and life