April 2022

Sermon | They All Heard About Jesus

Many people saw Jesus and came to the wrong conclusion about who he was

Sermon | Jesus, or a Year’s Wage

Sabbath is not about resting so you can work hard again; it’s about worshipping so your work is faithful to your calling

March 2022

Sermon | Shame, Repentance, Generous Love

Being loved by a generous God should lead us to be generous to others in response.

Sermon | Unless you Repent

To live in repentance is to assume a pattern of life that consistently brings you back into faithful obedience to God

Sermon | Prayer as Noticing

Prayer is a critical element in the life of a Christian because it allows us to pay attention to the things God is doing and choose to participate in that work as well.

Sermon | The Fast and the Curious

Fasting is a response to something that aligns our physical condition with our spiritual, intellectual, and emotional longings for God’s kingdom to come.