January 2021

Midweek | Reading the Bible Well – pt 1

Pastor Tanner leads a multi-week study in understanding the Bible.  We explore some information about the Bible, but also provide tools to aid us in our study and Bible reading.  

Sermon | What Does God Want Me to Be?

This week we ask what God wants us to be?  And we answer that question by saying that God wants us to be like Jesus.  

Midweek | Inauguration Day Devotional

 Pastor Tanner shares some thoughts from on Inauguration Day.

Sermon | Where is God From?

This week we explore what it means that Jesus was “Jesus of Nazareth” and how that shapes our identity and our view of the Kingdom of God.

Sermon | Where is God?

On this 1st Sunday after Epiphany, we look to the story of John Baptizing Jesus in the wilderness to see what we can learn about God.  

Sermon | Outsiders to Insiders

Seeing Jesus: Seeing God- Our introduction to Epiphany explores how people who don’t know Jesus become people who worship Jesus.