February 2021

Sermon | Fasting and Feasting During Lent

Pastor Will invites us to fast and feast as we begin Lent this year. 

Sermon | What is God Like?

In our final Sunday of the Seeing Jesus : Seeing God series, we see the glory of God present in Jesus.  But not everyone who ever met Jesus witnessed this event.  Only those who stayed closest to  Jesus.  

Midweek | Reading the Bible Well – pt 3

Here is our third installment in Reading the Bible Well. This is midweek study series in which Pastor Tanner provides an introduction to Reading the Bible Well.

Sermon | Who Seeks Jesus

Pastor Tabitha shares a message that reminds us that everyone is seeking Jesus, even if they don’t know that it is Jesus they are seeking.  

Midweek | Reading the Bible Well – pt 2

Pastor Tanner leads a multi-week study in understanding the Bible.  We explore some information about the Bible, but also provide tools to aid us in our study and Bible reading.  

January 2021

Sermon | What Does God Say?

If we believe Jesus is who he says he is, we should know what Jesus taught and commit to following that teaching.