April 2021

Sermon | My Lord and My God

On this second week after Easter, we explore how our belonging to a community of believers can encourage us to believe.

Sermon | I Have Seen the Lord

In this first Sunday after Easter, we begin a series of sermons where we explore Jesus’ relationship with his disciples after the resurrection and what that means for me.  

Sermon | Trial of a King

The story of Easter is a story of a king on trial.  But this story might be different than what you are expecting.  

March 2021

Sermon | Palm Sunday

Pastor Tanner shares a message about how Jesus’s condemnation of the Temple as a den of robbers can be an invitation for the Church to be faithful to its mission.  

Devotional | 5th Week of Lent

The Midweek Devotional message for the 5th Week of Lent.

Sermon | 5th Week of Lent

Pastor Will shares a message exploring the Cross of Christ as an alternative way of life.