June 2021

Sermon | Be Open

Be Open so you can hear God again calling you to take your next step.  

Sermon | Be The Change

We will change the world, not by forcing it to be what we want it to be, but by living the way Jesus taught us and enduring the suffering that comes with it. 

Sermon | Be A Witness

Battle Creek First Church has been a witness for Jesus during all kinds of seasons, and will continue to be a witness that declares Jesus is King with our actions and words. 

May 2021

Sermon | Be Saved

The invitation of Christ is not to know information about him, but to follow him into an alternative kingdom that escapes the corruption and destruction of the worldly kingdoms.

Sermon | Be Filled

The Holy Spirit is not sent to provide individuals a way to achieve their own goals, but rather to empower a community of believers (a church) to participate in God’s mission of making all things new.

Sermon | I Call You Friends

Because of Jesus’ love for us, he invites us into his life where he teaches us and expects us to love one another.