January 2022

Sermon | Filled to Fulfill

The Spirit’s Presence is always an indication that one has been called and prepared for a mission

Sermon | You Dont Have Enough Wine

Jesus’s mission isn’t to give us what we want. Jesus’s mission is to provide what we need in order to live the way he teaches us to

Sermon | Baptism by Fire

Jesus’s mission isn’t to make us happy, but rather the mission of Jesus is to make us Holy

December 2021

Sermon | Love

God already has a plan and purpose for the world and invites us to participate in it by aligning our lives to God’s plan

Sermon | Joy

The joy of the Lord comes when we take what we do have and give it away freely.

Sermon | Peace

Peace-making is the process of confronting the brokenness of life bringing it to wholeness and fulfillment